We Are The Baird’s

As a family, we Baird’s date back as far as the year 1100, and likely even before. Our name, meaning “Bard” or “Poet” recognizes our clan’s intellect, when compared to the other Scottish clans. That probably explains why the Baird’s are known for their passion in pursuing advanced study in academics, economics, science, and the military.

While much of our history originated and occurred in and around Scotland, the Baird’s who emigrated to the United States have had a profound effect on the trajectory of American history. One of my own decedents was a member of the illustrious New York 79th who, during the U.S. Civil War, were the only regiment that honored the heritage of its enlisted soldiers and allowed them to go to battle wearing kilts of the Cameron tartan. For this and other interesting Baird family stories, I urge you to also visit the Clan Baird Society Worldwide.

Family legend (and I call it legend because I have been unable to verify it yet) claims that we are also directly related to the man who first was able to broadcast moving images via television, John Logie Baird. In addition to revolutionizing the medium we all use to this day, he is also credited with being the first person to demonstrate color television, all the way back in 1928. To read more about this innovative Baird, click here.

With this site, my goal is to further my own knowledge of my family history and to share what I learn with others who call themselves Baird and those who are interested in the study of the historical genealogy of one of the great Scottish families. Thank you for visiting and check back often to keep apprised of the latest learnings of the Baird family as well as to get updates about my own Baird family.

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